What’s Inside



Little Town is always developing so our construction area is always busy. Ride the digger, build the walls (and knock them down!)


Service! Our young visitors can choose whether to man the kitchen or be the maître de. Will they take orders or serve the food prepared in the busy café?


Had a breakdown? Call in for emergency repairs at our bespoke workshop. We can mend any problems – no job is too big or too small. We have all the tools a mechanic needs so your young ones can fix any problem.


Forgotten to do the ‘big shop’ this week? Little Town’s very own Supermarket is kept well stocked with everything a household might need. Children can do the big shop, man the tills or fill their trollies.

Hairdresser & Beauty Salon

Looking to perfect that up do? Or a quick trim? Our customers at Little Town Hairdressers are ready for a makeover and a pamper and little ones will love making them look their best!

Fire Station

Nee-Naw Nee-Naw! Will they drive the fire engine, or put on all the gear to go and fight that fire?


How many kinds of sweet flowers grow in an English country garden? Does your little one have green fingers? Our bespoke allotment enables young minds to decide the season and pot their own plants.


In need of a check-up? Got a sniffle? Or maybe a high temperature? Don’t worry – your little one will be able to take good care of you in our doctor’s surgery. Let’s hope it’s not anything too serious.


Is your furry friend feeling under the weather? Get them to our vet’s surgery quick for some TLC. They can be groomed, given their jabs and generally taken good care of by our aspiring young vets. But be careful – some of them are tricky customers.

Road & Petrol Station

Stick to the speed limit and watch out for the police. The road includes two roundabouts for our intrepid drivers to negotiate. Don’t forget to fill up on fuel at our petrol station too.

Ice-cream Hatch

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream!” 

Let your little ones take charge in serving customers in our busy ice-cream hatch, attached to the cafe.

Post Office

Postman Pat’s on holiday and we need a replacement. Little ones will love delivering the post around Little Town to the correct addresses. Don’t forget to take Jess with you!


Is your little one a book worm? Or getting ready for ‘big’ school? Snuggle up for some quality quiet time in our cosy school classroom – there are books and bean bags galore.