About Us

Welcome to Little Town

Based on the idea of a scaled down typical town, we aim to inspire children to explore life in the world around them, by stepping into ‘grown up’ shoes in an exciting and secure environment.

Little ones will never be bored, with a wide variety of different shops and services for them to explore. Each area has been carefully crafted to intrigue little minds, providing them with all of the dressing up and role play toys they can desire.

What’s Inside

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At Little Town we run three play sessions a day during the week (4 during the school holidays). We keep the numbers attending ‘little’ to ensure the experience is high quality and allows the little ones plenty of space to explore the whole town.

At the end of each play period we take the time and care to restore Little Town back to its original state so that the next group of children will enjoy the facility at its best.

But don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about the grown-ups. Inside Little Town there is plenty of space to sit and relax in our café (which overlooks the play area) and enjoy the delicious coffee and sumptuous goodies on offer. A delicious selection of home baked cakes, freshly made paninis and toasties as well as porridge for those who haven’t managed to make it to breakfast yet (we’ve all been there!). Picnic lunches and a full range of snacks are available for your little explorers – they may well need an energy boost after all that playing!

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